Thank you for your interest in enrolling your wards with us.

To enrol their children at Pinnacle Star Academy, parents are encouraged to reach out to the school administration to make further enquiries. Alternatively, they can visit the school premises to make enquiries at the administration. Upon which the school will review and assign a suitable class for the child.

Entrance Assessment


An oral assessment will be done for the child to ascertain his/ her academic strengths.


A written assessment will be scheduled and administered to learners applying for Year 1 and upper classes.

The results of the assessment will be taken into consideration in offers for admission.

Upon receiving a formal offer of admission from the school, parents must confirm their acceptance of the offer and pay all related fees prior to entry to the school. These fees are, but not limited to the admission fees, school fees, uniform and other apparel fees, which are graded according to your child’s year group.


All Birthday celebrations will have to be cleared/permitted by school management. The means celebrant’s parents/guardians should officially inform the school administration at least three (3) days before the set date.

NOTE: All Birthday Celebrations on premises shall be limited to only drinks and biscuits.

All learners aged 3 months to 2 years are given a daily report book which records their daily activity. It gives details on their feeding, daily exercises, bowel movement and general wellbeing.

An incident report is documented and filed in cases where an injury or ailment occurs.

It is the policy of the school that all learners who are gravely ill be kept at home.  In cases of mild ailment, parents are mandated to come along with the prescribed medication for their wards and MUST fill out a medication form to aid in the administration of those medication.


Enrolment considers the age of the applicant, with 31st December of a given year as the cut-off date. A review of the enquiry will be done, and a potential class assigned to the child.


Learners above 2 years of age at The Pinnacle Star Academy are required to wear the school’s uniform and conform to a specific dress code. All related apparels are available for purchase at the school A review of the enquiry will be done, and a potential class assigned to the child.

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