Primary School

Ages 6 to 10 years

Teaching Strategy

Activity Based

3 Terms

From September to June

At Pinnacle Star Academy, our primary school curriculum spans from Year 1 to Year 5. We prioritize engaging and interactive lessons that are both fun and activity-based, fostering meaningful and hands-on learning experiences.

Our teaching strategies are tailored to the objectives of each task and the unique needs of our students, ensuring the delivery of a comprehensive and well-balanced curriculum.

Our classrooms are designed to be visually appealing, featuring colorful displays of student work and conducive work areas. While academic achievements hold importance, we strongly believe in providing opportunities for students to excel in a wide range of activities.

To support our diverse education programs, we offer a myriad of extra-curricular activities and school events, enriching the overall learning experience for our students.

At Pinnacle Star Academy, we also implement termly school themes aligned with the curriculum focus, creating a cohesive learning environment. Additionally, students’ project works are showcased at the end of each term, celebrating their accomplishments and progress.

Language, as George Crane observed, acts as the garment in which our thoughts make their public appearance. Here at The Pinnacle Star Academy (TPSA), we hold in high regard the profound significance of written and oral communication as indispensable life skills. Our English curriculum is meticulously crafted to encompass listening, speaking, writing, and reading, laying a robust foundation for lifelong learning. In today's professional realm, individuals adept in communication are invaluable, and at TPSA, we are steadfast in our commitment to empowering and inspiring students to unlock their language potential.

Our English syllabus is meticulously structured to furnish students with a commanding grasp of both written and spoken language while instilling a profound appreciation for literature through extensive reading. At TPSA, we guide learners to immerse themselves in reading for both edification and pleasure, thereby expanding their lexicon and acquiring a comprehensive understanding of grammar and punctuation. This equips them to compose accurately and cogently across diverse contexts, catering adeptly to varied purposes and audiences. We endeavor to seamlessly integrate English instruction across disciplines, rendering writing exercises pertinent and interconnected.

By exposing students to a diverse array of literary works, writing styles, and technical knowledge, our English curriculum aims to:

  • Cultivate and nurture a lifelong affection for literature.
  • Facilitate the articulate expression of ideas through both written and spoken discourse.
  • Encourage the exploration of individual 'voice' and 'style' in written compositions.
  • Foster precise and effective utilization of written and spoken English.
  • Harness technology for lucid and efficient communication.
  • Develop comprehension skills to heighten awareness of the world around them.

At The Pinnacle Star Academy, we are wholeheartedly devoted to nurturing self-assured and adept communicators who can thrive in today's dynamic and interconnected global landscape.

"Mathematics, as a manifestation of human thought, embodies active will, contemplative reason, and a pursuit of aesthetic excellence. Its core components include logic and intuition, analysis and creation, generality, and uniqueness." – Richard Courant

At The Pinnacle Star Academy, we amalgamate the Cambridge Primary International Curriculum with hands-on activities to cultivate a deeper comprehension of mathematical concepts. Our methodology underscores not only the acquisition of mathematical skills but also the comprehension of the underlying processes. Advanced learners are presented with challenges commensurate with their abilities, fostering opportunities for further advancement.

A robust understanding of numbers and mathematical procedures is indispensable for everyday life.

Our mathematics curriculum at The Pinnacle Star Academy is meticulously designed to assist students in attaining fluency in foundational mathematical concepts, fostering analytical reasoning skills, and applying mathematical principles to tackle increasingly intricate problems with assurance and sophistication.

Ignite curiosity and spark imagination with our engaging Science program tailored for basic school students. Through hands-on activities, interactive demonstrations, and exciting experiments, students explore the wonders of the natural world and discover the principles of scientific inquiry. From exploring plants and animals to investigating the properties of matter and energy, our curriculum is designed to inspire a love for learning and exploration. Through observation, exploration, and discovery, students develop foundational scientific skills and cultivate a deeper understanding of the world around them. Our Science program encourages creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative problem-solving, preparing students for success in school and beyond.

"A society unaware of its historical roots, origins, and culture is akin to a tree without grounding." – Marcus Garvey

The study of History plays a pivotal role in aiding individuals to comprehend the world and shape their identity while fostering an appreciation for diverse cultures.

At The Pinnacle Star Academy, our History curriculum spans broadly and chronologically, encompassing topics from the Stone Age to the First World War. This comprehensive approach empowers students to acquire a nuanced understanding of British, local, and global history, while discerning connections, disparities, and patterns. Beyond conventional teaching methods, students are urged to delve into historical epochs through the analysis of source materials, thus promoting critical thinking and investigative aptitude.

"The essence of computing lies in gaining insights, not just crunching numbers." – Richard Hamming

In today's swiftly evolving world, keeping pace with technological progress is paramount. Proficiency in computing stands as a definitive pathway to maintaining relevance in this dynamic landscape. At The Pinnacle Star Academy, we prioritize furnishing our students with both foundational and advanced computing skills to ensure their preparedness for life beyond the classroom.

Our curriculum acquaints learners with fundamental and sophisticated computing concepts, empowering them to navigate the intricacies of modern technology. Students delve into topics such as computer networks, including the internet, and acquire proficiency in leveraging search technologies effectively, thereby enabling them to harness the full potential of digital tools.

"I have a strong affinity for the French language and advocate for its widespread use." – François Hollande

French holds a prominent position in the business world, and mastery of speaking, writing, and understanding it can greatly enhance interpersonal skills.

At The Pinnacle Star Academy, we foster students' enthusiasm for learning French, striving for fluency by the time they complete their education. Our curriculum prioritizes holistic language development, ensuring that students can proficiently communicate in French upon graduation.

Embrace the rich linguistic heritage of our region with the study of Dagbani, a prominent local language. Our Dagbani language program introduces students to the sounds, vocabulary, and grammar of this vibrant language spoken by the Dagombas and other ethnic groups in Northern Ghana. Through interactive lessons, cultural immersion, and community engagement, students gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity of our region and develop cross-cultural communication skills. Whether learning for personal enrichment or to connect with our local community, studying Dagbani opens doors to new perspectives and opportunities.

Explore the values and beliefs that shape our world, fostering understanding and respect for different cultures and perspectives. Our curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and the importance of empathy and compassion.

"Great art inspires; excellent design motivates." – Otl Aicher

At The Pinnacle Star Academy, we hold the belief that Art should serve as a fundamental aspect of the educational journey, seamlessly woven into classroom engagements, historical explorations, geographical studies, scientific inquiries, and extracurricular pursuits. Our intricately structured Art curriculum is meticulously crafted to foster creativity, promote experimentation, ignite imagination, and instill an appreciation for a myriad of artistic forms, crafts, and designs.

Students embark on a journey exploring a vast spectrum of artworks and design principles, employing an array of tools and techniques to conceive and refine their own artistic manifestations.

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